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Your gift helps domestic abuse survivors like Merrill, Suzanne, and Sara to restore safety and peace to themselves and their children.

Merrill lost all three of her children to separate foster caretakers. After being assaulted by her husband in 2014, Merrill's injuries left her unable to properly care for her children. As she regained her physical strength, Merrill worked with her ALIVE advocate to heal emotionally and to gain the resources and support needed to reunite her family. Two of the children are now back home with Merrill, and the third is joining them soon.

After a year of escalating physical and emotional abuse inflicted by her boyfriend, Suzanne successfully obtained an order of protection with the support of ALIVE's court advocate. Because was she able to effectively navigate the legal system, Suzanne is currently rebuilding a life on her own, free of fear and danger and full of hope.

Last December Sara was living in her car with her two children after fleeing her abuser. After two weeks in our Nights of Safety emergency sanctuary, Sara partnered with ALIVE's case manager to obtain housing. The family worked with ALIVE's adult and children's therapists to heal from their past trauma and to create a healthy family dynamic. Today Sara and the kids have their own apartment. The children love to play in the nearby park with their friends, and Sara has a rewarding customer service job. With a growing support network of friends and family, Sara and her kids are happy and positive about their current and future lives.

We at ALIVE are privileged to have a role in supporting the hard work our clients do in order to create safe, happy, and healthy futures. It is because of you and all of our loyal supporters that these transformations are possible. On behalf of our clients, our staff, our Board of Directors, and our community, THANK YOU for making a difference one family at a time.